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Life Assistance Service

Help if you are struggling with a problem, concern or emotional crisis

College life is exciting, but it can also be extremely stressful while you try to balance class and a social life with personal responsibilities. Many students also face very serious issues such as family problems, financial, emotional health or substance abuse that they cannot handle themselves.

Health Advocate can help you through some of life’s toughest challenges. Call the toll-free number for confidential, short-term professional assistance, focusing on coping skills for a full range of emotional, family and other personal issues.

24/7/365 Assistance trough the Health Advocate Helpline


The Licensed Professional Counselor can help:

Provide confidential, short-term counseling
Offer referrals for long-term counseling or specialized care, as needed
Address stress, depression, family issues, substance abuse and more
Provide assistance with budgeting and other financial concerns
Provide legal referrals, such as immigration questions
Research child care and eldercare resources
Be available via telephone 24/7 in a crisis

Please note: the listed condtions are only the most common conditions.

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Filippo Zampella

I didn't know what to do anymore!

"I was having a very difficult time. I couldn't stop worrying about my family problems - I couldn't concentrate and I was barely passing my classes. I thought about dropping out and going home - I just didn't know what to do. Then I found a consultant through the assistance service who helped me get my problems under control step by step. I was referred to a therapist for my anxiety as well as a financial counselor. It felt so good to learn some coping skills. I am very grateful and glad that I was able to stay in college."

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