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Services included in our Student Virtual Care Plan

Our Student Virtual Care Plan is a combination of various services. Services below are included in all individual plans.
This virtual care product is not connected to any health insurance policy
and not subject to exclusions, limitations and no claims to file!
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24/7 access in minutes to doctors, counselors, therapists and more by phone, video or app at no cost to you.

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Virtual Mental Health

Speak with board certified psychiatrists, licensed psychologists or therapists by phone or video from wherever they feel most comfortable.

Life Assistance Service

Call the toll-free number for confidential, short-term professional assistance, focusing on coping skills for a full range of emotional, family and other personal issues.

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Our Dermatology service gives members convenient and reliable skin care for a wide range of conditions without the wait.

Sexual Health

Our service provides a more convenient option to getting tested for STDs: It allows you to skip the trip to a doctor’s office and go straight to a testing location.

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