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Sexual Health (STIs) 

Tested quickly, safely, and discreetly.

Some things are easier when you don't have to do them personally. Students can request a test for common STIs, find a local lab and get tested without an appointment! All results are 100% confidental and  discreet and are typically delivered in less than 3 days.

Note: Many STDs are preventable, and some are curable.

How it works.

Complete a short questionnaire
Choose a lab

Call or go online and click “Get a sexual health screening” to

get started.

Select the most
convenient testing
location to you.

View results online

Your results and next steps will be available
online within 3
business days.

Follow up

You can choose to talk to a doctor by phone to discuss any questions or

To ensure privacy, your results will never be saved into your member history.

What's treated?

Test for common STIs are available and tested in local lab.
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Jennifer Kowalska

Quick & uncomplicated help

“My partner and I were very concerned and this virtual solution made it very easy for us. Within a few days, we received the test results and our peace of mind.”

Register for the Student Virtual Care Plan

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