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Access licensed dermatologists without leaving the house.

Our Dermatology service gives you convenient and reliable skin care for a wide range of conditions without the wait.


Dermatology makes skin care easy. Simply log in to your Teladoc account, request a Dermatology consult complete the intake form,
and upload digital images of your skin issue.


Within two business days, you will receive a response from a board-certified dermatologist through the online message center. You can ask to follow up questions and, when medically necessary, have prescriptions sent right to your local pharmacy.

How it works.

Request a consult
Upload images

Request initial consult through the mobile app or website

Upload a minimum of 3 pictures of the skin issue for the dermatologist to review

View results online

View results online
within 2 business days ​through the online message center

Follow up

Follow-up with the doctor through the message center for free within 7 days after the visit

What's treated?

Acne & Dermatitis
Skin infection

Please note: the listed condtions are only the most common conditions.

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Keewook Phan

Unlimited help!

“I have suffered from neurodermatitis for years. My health insurance has refused benefits because it is a pre-existing condition. With this telemedicine service I was able to have consultations with a dermatologist. This was a huge relief!”

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